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3D: Printing the future @ The Science Museum

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Last weekend Ben and I ventured to the Science Museum to explore the 3D: Printing the future exhibition:

As a Graphic Designer I’m intrigued about what the future holds for printing and I think 3D printing is quite exciting.

I’d seen a couple of examples during a visit to the Design Museum but this exhibition highlighted how 3D printing will be able to help us in the future, not just produce pretty things!

Ben said he wasn’t sure about the idea of every home having a 3D printer in the future and I have to agree – it seems a bit unrealistic and expensive. I think it’s fascinating and will be a great tool for helping some people, but can also see the downsides – if businesses have 3D printers, will some manufacturers be put out of business? We’re a long way off that stage at the moment but it’s…

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